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  • Series Big Brother
  • Name Nomination Cere ...
  • Sea/Ep S12E14
  • AirDate 8 August 2010

Nomination Ceremony #5 :   Season 12 Episode 14

Aired:   3487 days ago


Season 12: Episode 14: The New HoH is Tempted by Pandora's Box, Unleashing the New Saboteur on the House The HouseGuests continue to spin on the giant paint can for the endurance Head of Household competition. After seeing his secret showmance Kristen sent packing, Hayden wants to win and seek revenge on outgoing HoH Rachel and her showmance, Brendon. Fellow Brigade member Enzo is happy to see Kristen gone, because now Hayden’s head will be back in the game. Kathy quickly has enough, and announces she is dropping and taking one for the team by being stuck on slop for the week. Several HouseGuests find this amusing, because they assume Kathy—always a weak competitor—would be the first one to drop anyway. Meanwhile outgoing HoH Rachel cheers from the sidelines for Brendon, who struggles to stay on the can. Enzo decides to let the other Brigade members do the hard work and drops out, a move that irritates Matt. Enzo is “undoubtedly the most selfish,” Matt confides in Diary Room, noting his Brigade buddy will always let everyone else in their alliance do the heavy lifting. Despite Rachel’s support, Brendon falls. “When he needed me to compete, I did it twice,” she fumes. Soon after, Lane drops out of the competition, followed by Britney and Hayden. This once again leaves Matt and Ragan competing for the final spot in an endurance challenge. “For some reason the brain is the last one standing,” Matt says, noting he always saves the Brigade. With no interest in being the winner this week, Ragan drops, making Matt the HoH for the second time this season. As everyone cleans up, Hayden, Enzo and Matt conspire in the storage room. Hayden loves that Rachel and Brendon are squirming now. Enzo wants to make sure Matt uses his HoH properly this time—just put Rachel and Brendon up on the block and be done with it. Meanwhile, Brendon approaches Rachel in the rust bedroom to console her, but Rachel is still irritated at him. She feels Brendon has

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