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  • Series Big Brother
  • Name Nomination Cere ...
  • Sea/Ep S12E17
  • AirDate 15 August 2010

Nomination Ceremony #6 :   Season 12 Episode 17

Aired:   3451 days ago


Season 12: Episode 17: With Rachel Gone, Brendon Strikes Back With a Vengeance With Rachel evicted, Brendon notes he is now fighting for himself in the Head of Household competition, where the houseguests must untangle a long rope across an equally long grid of an obstacle course. Outgoing HoH Matt is concerned, because his secret Brigade alliance members can’t seem to win competitions without him. As the HoH competition continues, Brendon is a man on a mission, plowing through the obstacle course while shouting out messages like, “This one’s for you, Rach!” Thanks to the rain and mud, Hayden notes the weight of the rope is killing his back. Enzo explains this competition is a “city kid’s nightmare,” while Lane relishes the competition because he gets dirty and untangles rope “on a daily basis.” While Britney and Ragan are worried about a Brendon win, Enzo says that scenario is just fine. It turns out just a few hours before the Thursday live show, he and his fellow Brigade member Hayden cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel! They agreed to work with whatever “Brenchel” member remains in the house. Enzo thinks this is a smart move for him and Hayden, who have been uncomfortably watching as Lane gets closer to Britney, while Matt works his virtual showmance with Ragan. Brendon cruises along, but at one point gets stuck in a tangle of rope. Lane is plowing forward, raising the hopes of Britney, Matt and Ragan. But after some refocusing, Brendon regains his mojo and clocks the competition—with a ring of the buzzer, a completely untangled Brendon is named the new HoH! “Rachel, that one was for you,” Brendon yells before rubbing his win in everyone’s face. He quickly picks Matt, Ragan and Britney as the Have Nots this week. A tearful Britney gets some cheering up from Lane, who tells her he has her back, proof that their big brother-little sister relationship is only strengthening. Later in the Have Not bedroom, Ragan, Britney a

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