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  • Sea/Ep S12E17
  • AirDate 15 August 2010

Nomination Ceremony #6 :   Season 12 Episode 17

Aired:   3320 days ago


Season 12: Episode 17: With Rachel Gone, Brendon Strikes Back With a Vengeance With Rachel evicted, Brendon notes he is now fighting for himself in the Head of Household competition, where the houseguests must untangle a long rope across an equally long grid of an obstacle course. Outgoing HoH Matt is concerned, because his secret Brigade alliance members can’t seem to win competitions without him. As the HoH competition continues, Brendon is a man on a mission, plowing through the obstacle course while shouting out messages like, “This one’s for you, Rach!” Thanks to the rain and mud, Hayden notes the weight of the rope is killing his back. Enzo explains this competition is a “city kid’s nightmare,” while Lane relishes the competition because he gets dirty and untangles rope “on a daily basis.” While Britney and Ragan are worried about a Brendon win, Enzo says that scenario is just fine. It turns out just a few hours before the Thursday live show, he and his fellow Brigade member Hayden cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel! They agreed to work with whatever “Brenchel” member remains in the house. Enzo thinks this is a smart move for him and Hayden, who have been uncomfortably watching as Lane gets closer to Britney, while Matt works his virtual showmance with Ragan. Brendon cruises along, but at one point gets stuck in a tangle of rope. Lane is plowing forward, raising the hopes of Britney, Matt and Ragan. But after some refocusing, Brendon regains his mojo and clocks the competition—with a ring of the buzzer, a completely untangled Brendon is named the new HoH! “Rachel, that one was for you,” Brendon yells before rubbing his win in everyone’s face. He quickly picks Matt, Ragan and Britney as the Have Nots this week. A tearful Britney gets some cheering up from Lane, who tells her he has her back, proof that their big brother-little sister relationship is only strengthening. Later in the Have Not bedroom, Ragan, Britney and Matt commiserate. Britney and Ragan get emotional, but Matt isn’t particularly moved. Since he holds the secret Diamond Power of Veto, Matt knows he can pull himself off the block even if he gets nominated. He puts up a good front but he’s still annoyed he has to hang with “a couple of girls.” Who wants to see my HoH Room? Brendon enjoys showing off his HoH suite to the HouseGuests, which appalls Britney, who has no energy for the fake exercise. Enzo and Kathy, who energetically show their enthusiasm for Brendon’s pictures and letter from home, particularly disgust Britney. Ragan has no interest in hearing about Brendon, because he knows what Brendon’s HoH means for him. “I don’t want to help him celebrate a victory that will most possibly see me walk out the door,” Ragan says. Later in the bathroom, Hayden and Enzo conspire. Enzo is not happy that Matt is spending so much time with Ragan, who Enzo wants to target. Enzo also has Britney in his sights, because once she goes Lane will be completely re-focused on the Brigade. Enzo goes to talk to Brendon in the HoH suite with the hopes of pushing his two preferred eviction nominees, but Brendon has other plans—he wants to put up Lane and Britney! Enzo does his best to pitch Ragan as an alternative to Lane, but Brendon doesn’t commit to anything. Secret Agent Man Secret Saboteur Ragan gets called to the Diary Room where he selects his next Sabotage. Ragan decides to go with a message that revives the secret friendship rumor from one of Annie’s first Sabotages. Soon after the HouseGuests are all called into the living room by the Saboteur. The Saboteur tells them they were unsuccessful in getting him out of the game, but that the “lifelong friends” are still in the house. The HouseGuests get one hint—the friends are a male-female couple. With only two women in the house, Britney and Kathy are immediately huge targets. Both swear they are not in any secret friendships, but Brendon doesn’t believe anyone in the house. After the HouseGuests learn this week’s Have Not foods are escargot and eggplant, Ragan talks to Matt about their chances this week. Without saying he has the secret Diamond Power of Veto, Matt encourages Ragan to go and pitch Brendon, and not worry about him. Ragan makes a play to Brendon, saying if the two of them teamed up no one would suspect it. He also promises Brendon he would be safe. Brendon notes in Dairy Room Ragan makes a compelling offer, but he was still one of the main architects in sending his girl home. Brendon then decides to also hear what Britney has to say. She makes similar promises of safety, but notes in Diary Room she is just telling Brendon what he wants to hear. Brendon calls everyone in for the Nomination Ceremony. Britney feels she is 100 percent going on the block, while Lane notes he has a bad feeling about the nominations. Ragan grouses about Brendon not being a logical player, while Matt notes he is safe with his Diamond Power of Veto, but would prefer to be safe off the bat and avoid a nomination in the first place. After all the keys are pulled, Lane and Ragan are the nominees. “Nobody floats by,” Brendon warns, as Lane calls this Brendon’s “dumbest move yet.” Ragan can’t believe he turned down his offer, while Enzo expresses his fury over a Brigade nomination. Meanwhile, Britney is stunned she escaped a nomination. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Veto be used? And what will another Pandora’s Box unleash on the house? Find out Wednesday, August 18 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

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