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  • Series Big Brother
  • Name Live Eviction # ...
  • Sea/Ep S12E04
  • AirDate 15 July 2010

Live Eviction #1; HOH Comp #2 :   Season 12 Episode 4

Aired:   3507 days ago


Season 12: Episode 04: The First HG is Evicted and the Saboteur is Revealed Annie is none too happy about being nominated, and puts all the blame on Britney. Annie thinks Britney has been telling people she is aligned with Rachel and Brendon, but Britney feels that Annie has lost her mind in a haze of paranoia. Rachel is sad about Annie’s nomination, but is more relieved that she and her house showmance, Brendon, are no longer facing one another on the block. Annie lashes out at Britney, but is soon teary-eyed with Brendon about her nomination. Meanwhile, Enzo and Matt celebrate the Brigade’s apparent dominance over the rest of the unsuspecting house. Rachel is all excited for some romantic time with Brendon in the Cabana Room, but in the middle of a make out session, the sensitive Brendon has to cool things off to talk about how sad he is about Annie’s eviction nomination. Rachel is incredulous and can’t believe that Brendon is getting weepy over Annie when she is also on the block. Talk about a buzz kill! And the Saboteur is… So who is it? The HouseGuests have suggested almost everyone in the house as a possibility, but now the truth is out. The Saboteur walks into the Diary Room, and it is…Annie! “I bet you didn’t see that one coming,” she says, noting that she had a blast all week. Her sabotages went fairly smoothly, but during the blackout, Annie almost got caught by Andrew on the way back from putting a padlock on the storage room door! Her latest Sabotage is her pick from a viewer’s suggestion—can she hide electronic beepers in the bedrooms? She sure can! Andrew hears one of the buzzers in his bedroom while praying, and is subsequently bothered by it all night. Ragan hears a buzz and wonders if the time between the chirps means something. Enzo fumes that the cricket noises in the palm bedroom have him “ready to choke someone.” Annie loves the havoc she is causing: “I’m good,” she says. Annie may be down on

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