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  • Sea/Ep S12E05
  • AirDate 18 July 2010

Nomination Ceremony #2 :   Season 12 Episode 5

Aired:   3352 days ago


Season 12: Episode 05: Rachel and Brendon Rule the House with their Eviction Nominations Enzo is happy to see Annie gone, and notes that she was “hit with a grenade from the Brigade.” Because Annie outed him in her final plea speech, Brendon comes clean about having a Masters degree and the fact that he is starting his PhD. Both Andrew and Ragan are delighted that their respective lies about having advanced degrees are still secrets. As the new Head of Household, Rachel is so excited to get alone time with Brendon in the HoH suite. Brendon is just as excited, but bizarrely the person who jumps and screams the most after Rachel’s win is Andrew. Hayden notes Andrew looked like “a kid at Christmas, or maybe Chanukah,” and warns that if the excitable Andrew is in an alliance with the new HoH he shouldn’t act like it. Britney couldn’t be more irritated by the turn of events, while Enzo tells fellow Brigade member Matt that he’s wondering if they made a mistake sending Annie home over Rachel. Monet and Britney are moping in the palm bedroom when Andrew walks through. Britney confronts him about his excitement over Rachel’s HoH win, and Andrew explains he was being honest, and notes if runner-up Britney had won he’d be a target. Britney grouses and Andrew reminds her that they have always had issues with one another and she shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Rachel’s HoH suite reveal is almost too much for Britney to bear. “I wanted to shoot myself in the face,” Britney notes, pointing out that she had to follow Rachel’s “flopping butt cheeks” all the way up the stairs while feigning interest in the suite reveal. Monet is just as unenthusiastic as Britney, and notes that there is no love lost between her and Rachel either. Outside, after the reveal, Hayden and Lane talk. They feel that Rachel as HoH is pretty much the same as Brendon as HoH. “All Rachel has is a key and pictures,” Hayden warns, noting a nomination for him would be understandable since he put Brendon and Rachel on the block last week. But Hayden has other things on his mind besides the game—namely, the sexy yet mysterious Kristen. Hayden is used to girls falling for him so the hard-to-read Kristen is proving to be a challenge. There is an attraction, but Kristen is keeping it very cool, telling Hayden she doesn’t like cocky guys. The go-slow approach works fine for Hayden, because the last thing he wants is to make himself a target thanks to a showmance. If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Come Sit by Me Britney is so thankful Monet is in the house, because otherwise she’d have to internalize all her funny yet catty comments about the rest of the HouseGuests. Besides constantly making fun of Rachel, new BFF’s Britney and Monet have noticed Kristen is now sporting much sexier bikinis. Meanwhile Hayden is getting some face time with the new HoH. Things seem to be going well but when Rachel suggests a four-way alliance between herself, Brendon, Hayden and Kristen, suddenly Hayden shoots the idea down, raising suspicion in Rachel. But Hayden is not the only Brigade member to work the HoH. Later in the yard, Matt decides to act all paranoid in front of Rachel, thinking this will keep him safe for the week. The plan backfires, because almost immediately Rachel and Brendon start wondering what Matt is up to. The scheming stops when Rachel announces it is time for the Have-Have Not competition. The HouseGuests break up into four “crews” who have to tape one of their fellow crewmembers to a brick wall. Whoever hangs onto the wall the longest wins, and then that crew gets to select the four “Have Naughties” for the week. However, crews can use paint blasters to weaken the tape and hasten falls. Ragan gets put up on the wall for the blue crew, but falls quickly thanks to a shoddy taping job. Britney is taped up for the green crew, but has to be taken down when the sagging tape holding her up starts to choke her. Kathy wins it for the orange crew, who quickly chooses Enzo, Britney, Brendon and Monet as the Have Nots for the week. When everyone goes inside they learn the only food the Have Nots can eat for the week are fish sticks and fruitcake! Here Comes the Static! Everyone rushes into the living room when the monitor switches on—the HouseGuests are about to learn the true identity of the Saboteur! When Annie reveals herself, everyone cheers. Matt admits he is surprised, while Andrew is relieved no one can say he is the Saboteur anymore. But soon the HouseGuests are back to the game. Britney, Monet and Matt individually make their way up to the HoH suite to grovel and suggest anyone but themselves for nomination. In an HoH Suite conversation that also includes Brendon, Rachel makes a play for Hayden again. When Brendon starts suggesting Enzo and Matt for eviction, Hayden quickly does some spinning to keep his secret Brigade alliance members safe. Rachel has a lot to think about. She is no fan of Britney, while de facto co-HoH Brendon has his eye on Monet, who won $10,000 in the first HoH competition. But Matt’s paranoia, Andrew’s weirdness and Hayden’s betrayal leaves Rachel with plenty to think about. And the nominees are… Rachel calls everyone into the dining room for the nominee ceremony. To no one’s surprise, Brendon is the first safe HouseGuest. After every key is pulled, two women find themselves on the block—Britney and Monet. A tearful Britney notes, “This day blows,” while Monet feels somewhat defeated. Hayden, however, couldn’t be happier. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Veto winner shake up the nominations? Find out Tuesday, July 20 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

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