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  • Series Big Brother
  • Name Nomination Cere ...
  • Sea/Ep S12E05
  • AirDate 18 July 2010

Nomination Ceremony #2 :   Season 12 Episode 5

Aired:   3501 days ago


Season 12: Episode 05: Rachel and Brendon Rule the House with their Eviction Nominations Enzo is happy to see Annie gone, and notes that she was “hit with a grenade from the Brigade.” Because Annie outed him in her final plea speech, Brendon comes clean about having a Masters degree and the fact that he is starting his PhD. Both Andrew and Ragan are delighted that their respective lies about having advanced degrees are still secrets. As the new Head of Household, Rachel is so excited to get alone time with Brendon in the HoH suite. Brendon is just as excited, but bizarrely the person who jumps and screams the most after Rachel’s win is Andrew. Hayden notes Andrew looked like “a kid at Christmas, or maybe Chanukah,” and warns that if the excitable Andrew is in an alliance with the new HoH he shouldn’t act like it. Britney couldn’t be more irritated by the turn of events, while Enzo tells fellow Brigade member Matt that he’s wondering if they made a mistake sending Annie home over Rachel. Monet and Britney are moping in the palm bedroom when Andrew walks through. Britney confronts him about his excitement over Rachel’s HoH win, and Andrew explains he was being honest, and notes if runner-up Britney had won he’d be a target. Britney grouses and Andrew reminds her that they have always had issues with one another and she shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Rachel’s HoH suite reveal is almost too much for Britney to bear. “I wanted to shoot myself in the face,” Britney notes, pointing out that she had to follow Rachel’s “flopping butt cheeks” all the way up the stairs while feigning interest in the suite reveal. Monet is just as unenthusiastic as Britney, and notes that there is no love lost between her and Rachel either. Outside, after the reveal, Hayden and Lane talk. They feel that Rachel as HoH is pretty much the same as Brendon as HoH. “All Rachel has is a key and pictures,” Hayden warns, noting a nomination for him would

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