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  • Series Big Brother
  • Name Live Eviction # ...
  • Sea/Ep S12E07
  • AirDate 22 July 2010

Live Eviction #2; HoH Comp #3 :   Season 12 Episode 7

Aired:   3506 days ago


Season 12: Episode 07: A Second HouseGuest is Sent Packing ­Monet is reeling from Head of Household Rachel’s very public and definitive announcement that her replacement nominee, Matt, is nothing more than a pawn. Rachel gives Monet a half-hearted “sorry,” but a furious Monet is having none of it. Matt pretends to act shocked and defeated but he can barely contain his elation when he gets a private moment with fellow Brigade alliance member, Lane. He and Lane can’t believe Rachel bought Matt’s offer to be the pawn, and celebrate the fact that the Brigade alliance (which also includes Enzo and Hayden) appears safe yet another week. Britney is devastated that Andrew did not go up on the block. She and her house BFF Monet share a major cry and sulk session in the caba­na room that quickly turns into a discussion about everyone they think is stupid in the house. The majority of their rage is directed at Rachel, with the increasingly angry pair verbally ripping apart Rachel’s intelligence, clothing sense and hair extensions. Ever the schemer, Matt joins them and keeps up his sad sack performance, telling Britney and Monet he wants to get back at Rachel and her showmance Brendon. Matt even goes so far to suggest he is going to avenge them all next week! But the house is not all about strategy. It turns out Hayden and Kristen have been stealthily carrying on a showmance, which Hayden describes as similar to a fourth-grade relationship. Hayden and Kristen are pretty confident their coupling is a house secret, but Andrew would beg to differ. Since he also sleeps in the rust bedroom, Andrew is fully aware of their snuggling and kissing, and thinks it is hilarious the two of them are sneaking around as if no one knows. Rachel, however, is playing the game hard this week. To figure out where Kristen stands, Rachel suggests Britney told her that Kristen was open to keeping Monet for the week. Kristen is shocked, and immediately runs outside and asks

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