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  • Sea/Ep S12E08
  • AirDate 25 July 2010

Nomination Ceremony #3 :   Season 12 Episode 8

Aired:   3345 days ago


Season 12: Episode 08: Two More Houseguests Go Up On The Chopping Block The Houseguests are riding the endurance competition wave on their respective surfboards as previous Head of Household Rachel watches. Brendon knows he has to win it to keep himself and Rachel safe for the week, while Enzo and the rest of the secret Brigade alliance are all gunning to win. Perennial outsider Andrew also feels this is a must-win HoH competition for him, so the tension is high. The 7-2 vote for Monet's eviction has Matt wondering who cast the second vote against him. He knows Monet's BFF Britney clearly voted to keep her friend in the house, but he quickly surmises the second vote was Kathy. For her part Kathy knows the HouseGuests see her as a weak player, but she is fine with them thinking that, because it allows her to fly under the radar. Kathy drops first, followed closely by Lane. Kristen falls next, with Hayden right behind her. Hayden reveals he threw the competition, because he feels totally safe this week and doesn’t need the HoH win. In addition, Hayden wants to eat well—the first five players to fall off their boards are the Haves for the week, while the next four players are the Have Nots, with the final player on his or her surfboard the HoH. This leaves only one spot left for the Haves, and Britney decides she wants to make sure she can eat for the week. She quickly falls off her board, leaving Brendon, Enzo, Matt, Andrew and Ragan as the final five players. When Enzo falls, Lane notes that Matt is the last hope of the Brigade. Suddenly, Brendon slips and Rachel is devastated that her man is out of the competition. A slip up by Andrew (who is sporting a pair of very short shorts) leaves Ragan and Matt as the final two players. Ragan asks everyone to go inside so the two of them can talk, but Matt and Ragan can’t agree upon a deal. Ragan, who was bullied as a kid, is proud of himself for lasting so long in a tough competition, but is unable to pull out a win. A small stumble has him falling off his surfboard, making Matt the Head of Household for the week. How the Mighty Fall Rachel retreats to the Rust bedroom, where she cries over her turn of events. Brendon comforts her, but Rachel notes that Matt would pretty much be an idiot if he didn’t put her or Brendon up on the chopping block. After she pulls herself together, Rachel approaches Matt, who tells her that he thought they had a deal last week when Rachel was HoH, and then she went and told everyone Matt volunteered to go up on the block as a pawn. Rachel knows she has a rough week ahead of her. “I had the opportunity to get him out and now I think Matt is going to send me home,” she says. Matt’s HoH suite reveal is a fun one, with everyone enjoying pictures of Matt’s family and wife. In his letter from home, Matt’s wife suggests she is feeling better, which plays into Matt’s lie that his wife has a rare disease. Even Andrew, who has been skeptical of Matt’s story, feels bad for thinking Matt may have been lying to them. Could things get more perfect for Matt’s game? After everyone else clears out, the Brigade has a celebratory meeting. Enzo thinks Rachel and Brendon need to go up, but Matt notes he is making his own decisions on nominations. He definitely has his eye on Kathy, for instance. Hayden leaves the group and immediately dives into a make out session with his secret showmance Kristen. While they kiss Hayden tells Kristen they have to be careful as Kristen reveals that she will do what it takes to move their game forward. Meanwhile in the HoH suite, Lane, Matt and Enzo discuss what’s going on with Hayden. Lane wonders if Hayden and Kristen are secretly related, while Enzo wants to know why they haven’t hooked up yet. Matt doesn’t think Hayden will double cross the Brigade, but Enzo notes that in this house, Hayden better understand it is “bros before hos.” I’ve Got a Deal for You Rachel and Brendon go up to the HoH suite to work Matt before his nominations. Matt keeps telling the lie that he is “playing the game by himself,” and reaffirms his disappointment over Rachel calling a house meeting and then revealing their secret deal. Rachel apologizes for making mistakes last week, and Matt notes he has no good reason not to put the two of them up. Eventually Rachel and Brendon appear to finally hammer out a deal with Matt, but Rachel notes she just can’t trust him. Soon after, Matt calls up Andrew and explains he wants to use him as a pawn this week. Matt tries to soften the blow by saying Andrew is a cool guy who is now much more integrated into the house, but Andrew doesn’t like this turn of events. Matt notes the obvious choice is to put up the house showmance, but as a “diabolical super genius,” he doesn’t always have to go with the obvious. It’s time for the nominations. Matt calls everyone into the dining room and pulls the first key. Ragan is safe, followed by Kristen, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Britney, Rachel and finally Brendon. Andrew and Kathy are on the block! Kathy doesn’t understand Matt’s nominations, while Andrew calls Matt’s plan stupid and vows to come after him. Matt is happy with his nominations, and notes he can always reset things with use of the Veto. So who will win the Veto competition, and will the winner use it to save Kathy or Andrew? Find out Wednesday, July 28 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

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