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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Paris: Episode ...
  • Sea/Ep S13E14
  • AirDate 26 August 2003

Paris: Episode 14 :   Season 13 Episode 14

Aired:   5924 days ago


Simon, Leah and Christina ridicule Mallory and her collection of shoes, which they think lack a certain femininity. ''Who the hell pays attention to shoes?'' Mallory asks. This comment elicits a look of horror from stylish Simon. Mallory admits that she just feels more comfortable in her sweaters and sweat pants and her clunky shoes. Stephanie, Adam's chick de jour, goes out with him and the roommates. Adam describes his new gal pal as a bit standoffish, but he's chalking it up to the fact that they are just getting to know each other. So he blows 500 Euro on her in one night, overdraws his account and is crossing his fingers that her standoffishness will now magically turn into a goodnight kiss. As they say goodnight, Adam moves in for the kiss and Stephanie opts for the shoulder pat and the ''I had a really good time'' line. She says goodbye with a French phrase that poor Adam is unfamiliar with. If he had attended a few more French classes, he might know that ''A demain,'' means ''until to

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