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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Paris: Episode ...
  • Sea/Ep S13E22
  • AirDate 21 October 2003

Paris: Episode 22 :   Season 13 Episode 22

Aired:   5868 days ago


CT is on the s-t list again. Simon tells his roommates about how CT put him into a headlock while they were taking a picture. It wasn't a friendly, brotherly headlock, it actually hurt. Adam said CT was clearly aggressive and going after Simon, but thought Simon had himself handled because he walked away from the situation after telling CT to screw off. That wasn't good enough, though, because Simon wondered why Adam or Ace didn't back him up and tell CT to stop being such an idiot. Leah makes it known that she would have stepped in and said something to CT if she was there. Suddenly, the conversation turns to the incident in Switzerland where Mallory brings up the fact that people in the house have a problem with Leah. Apparently, Leah hasn't been able to let go of this, so she storms out at the room. Mallory tells Simon she is pissed that Leah can't let anything go, so Mallory speaks with Leah in the bathroom and asks why she brought up the incident in Switzerland again. Mallory's hu

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