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  • Series The Real World
  • Name San Diego: Epis ...
  • Sea/Ep S14E15
  • AirDate 6 April 2004

San Diego: Episode 15 :   Season 14 Episode 15

Aired:   5936 days ago


This episode of The Real World deals with the problem of self-injury or cutting. It contains behavior which some may find disturbing. Unfortunately, this is a behavior that occurs amongst America's youth and it's a sign of the severe emotional distress under which many of them live. A great deal can be learned by looking honestly at this problem. Frankie doesn't exactly know how she should handle the fact that she kissed Adam. She decides to call up Dave to tell him that no matter what happens, she loves him more than anything. While the sentiment of that statement may sound sweet, Dave is suspicious that something is up and he's right on target. Frankie confesses to kissing Adam and Dave ''kinda has a problem with her making out with that dude.'' Frankie insists that it was only one drunken mistake. Dave thinks that she might do it again and believes she should have her freedom and decides not to visit her in San Diego. Dave pages Frankie while she's out with Jamie and they drive home s

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