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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Getting Down, B ...
  • Sea/Ep S24E10
  • AirDate 1 September 2010

Getting Down, Blowing Up :   Season 24 Episode 10

Aired:   3336 days ago


As Ryan continues to isolate himself, the roommates realize how much fun they can have without him. The roommates enjoy the day golfing while Ryan sleeps in again; when they return home to a messy house, Ryan once again separates himself from the rest of the house and refuses to clean. Cute and cuddly McKenzie has had enough of the other blonde in the house and thinks the roommates should have an intervention with him, but when Eric talks to him one on one all seems to be understood... or is it? As tensions grow in the house, Ryan's brother and cousin, dubbed Brother & Cousin come to NOLA for Ryan's birthday weekend. Hoping the older and possibly more matured family members will be able to talk some sense into their eccentric roommate, the other Real Worlders are in for more than they bargained for when Brother & Cousin are even more rambunctious than the blonde bombshell. Love is in the air in New Orleans as Preston might have found his match in Marty, a cute nerdy boy that he takes out for ice cream. Eric, having already struck out with Sahar, finds a similar looking cutey in Michelle, a girl who he woos and takes back to the house for a slumber party. Eric's only mistake, he leaves her alone in his bed for 5 minutes in which time Ryan climbs into bed with her and asks her for her friend's phone number, effectively cock-blocking Eric. Michelle leaves and Eric is left feelings frustrated with only Ryan to cuddle with. It's Ryan's birthday and in good fashion, Ryan, Brother & Cousin hit Bourbon Street and drink like prohibition is coming back. The only drawback to their day filled with fun? They leave the house car somewhere on Bourbon Street. Sleeping the previous day off, Ryan leaves finding the lost car to Eric and Preston, who take to the streets of New Orleans in search of the lost automobile. The pair finds the car and with it a parking ticket and no thanks or apologies from Ryan. With the lack of respect from Ryan, Eric holds back his anger as long as possible, until that night when Ryan comes home in the early morning, waking everyone up. Eric's had enough and explodes at Ryan. With their friendship effectively ruined, Ryan is officially alone in the house. Preston's best friend, Allie, comes to visit and to give some sage advice to Preston about his would-be relationship with Marty. Preston decides that he can be committed and that Marty is worth the effort, and so Marty and Preston are officially boyfriend and boyfriend. Later, the roommates attend a drug abuse class to learn more about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, to which Ryan shows up with a beer. Offended and feeling disrespected the roommates have had enough and decides the only way to reach Ryan is to have a house meeting. When Ryan refused to talk to the roommates they take a vote and unanimously decide that the house would be better off without the emo hairstylist.

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