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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Over Knight
  • Sea/Ep S24E11
  • AirDate 8 September 2010

Over Knight :   Season 24 Episode 11

Aired:   3240 days ago


With the dark cloud known as Ryan out of the Real World house, it's nothing but blue skies for the remaining roommates as they enjoy some bonding time in a gator ridden boat ride. And as Jemmye and Knight act more 'coupley' than ever, Ashlee decides it's time for wedding. For sober or for drunk, till liquor do them part! The roommates have fun planning Knight and Jemmye's faux wedding, but when the groom gets wind of the situation he wants nothing to do with it and Jemmye feels like she's been left at the altar. Continuously ragging on Jemmye, the Bridezilla decides enough is enough and storms in on Knight, cuddling with Preston no less, and gives him a few good knocks in the face. Knight's black and blue is something new and it seems like the abused has now become the abuser. At The Mission, Loretta throws a curveball the roommates' way when she asks them to live as the homeless for one day. So the gang packs up their overnight sacks and head over to The Mission for their homeless sleepover. When Knight and Ashlee get bored of camping outside, they decide to run away and hit up a bar. But when Loretta catches them, they've got some answering to do. With Sahar's boyfriend, Pablo, coming to visit the same weekend she's set to perform with a local band, Flow Tribe, she's got a full dance card. When Pablo comes to the house with two of his buddies we learn a few things about him that we didn't previously know, like his name is actually Elie, he has groomed eyebrows, wears adorned t-shirts, drinks like a fish and according to one of his bro-buddies, 'gets more ass than a toilet seat.' But really, he can't be all that bad and he proves this to the roommates when he boys a bottle of vodka for the roommates to share over brunch, the morning of his girlfriends fated gig. As the day goes on Pablo/Elie doesn't slow down one bit and continues to drink until he can barely walk, talk or remember which girl in the house he's supposed to be showing affection to... and that's still when it's light out. Sahar leaves Pablow/Elie in the hands of her trusty roommates as she goes to sound check and then to beautify herself for her big number. By the time she gets to the club her roommates and her boyfriend are waiting for her, but when she says hi to Pablo/Elie she realizes that he's been checked out of the building for quite some time. With her boyfriend a mess and apparently fascinated by McKenzie's hair, it's all too much for the Lebanese Sensation and she's brought to tears. But have no fear, her trusty sidekick and one-time tryst, Eric comes to her rescue and makes her feel all better in time for her big performance. Putting the drama of the weekend aside, Sahar gets onstage and kills it. After everything their relationship has been through Sahar wonders whether Pablo/Elie is really the right guy for her or if he's simply as two-sided as his name.

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