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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Au Revoir Nawli ...
  • Sea/Ep S24E12
  • AirDate 15 September 2010

Au Revoir Nawlins :   Season 24 Episode 12

Aired:   3347 days ago


It's the roommates' last week together and in New Orleans, which means it's time to get nostalgic. As Jemmye wonders whether or not she and Knight can go the distance he decides it's time for one more crazy day. The roommates head down to The Creole Creamery and cheer on Eric and Knight as they try to down 8 scoops of ice cream in one sitting. If only it weren't for Eric's weak stomach and Knight's lactose intolerance, they might have actually been able to pull it off. For Eric, Knight and McKenzie, it's their last day at Habitat for Humanity and they celebrate putting the last coast of paint on the house and handing the keys to the happy owner. Back at the house, Pablo sends an apology to the roommates and Sahar in fruit basket form. When Sahar gushes over the Edible Arrangement, Preston takes her outside and tries to knock some sense into her. Fruit does not make up for that behavior, but Sahar doesn't know if she's ready to end things with Pablo, she has to think. The next day, as the roommates get themselves pretty for an MTV photo shoot, their dreaded ex-roommate comes for a visit. Everyone steers clear of Ryan as they put on fake smiles and try to make it through the day without any drama. And with everything that's been going wrong with Preston and Ashlee's radio station internship, they finally find a piece they want to go live with. At the radio station, Ashlee and Preston go on the air with a piece on New Orleans cuisine and it goes off without a hitch. It's the last night in New Orleans and the roommates and their NOLA friends celebrate with their own crawfish boil. But when Preston tries to give a heart-warming speech, Knight interrupts him. There's no crying in the Real World. The roommates return home and try to stay awake as long as possible. When Preston chooses to unwind in a relaxing bubble bath, Knight decides to throw everything not nailed down to the floor in the tub with him, including a life-size female statue. Preston's first woman! The next day the roommates wait to say goodbye; Preston is the first to leave the roommates realize that, they too, must say goodbye to one another and New Orleans. And so they leave, one by one until the only two left in the house are Knight and Jemmye. When Knight's cab comes, it's a tearful goodbye as the couple has to part ways.

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