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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Sing out, Cop o ...
  • Sea/Ep S24E06
  • AirDate 4 August 2010

Sing out, Cop out :   Season 24 Episode 6

Aired:   3364 days ago


The Cold War heats up when Eric tattles and tells Ryan that Preston scrubbed the toilet with his beloved electric toothbrush. After having wiped Preston's cigarettes in his Grand Canyon, Ryan decides to pay Preston back even more by destroying his favorite hat. Knight urges Ryan to settle his war the Hockey Boy Method, waiting outside the house and punching Preston in the face, (but more so just threatening to.) Sahar, or 'Hollywood' as the roommates call her, feels inspired by being in New Orleans and wants to use the opportunity to pursue her music. Later, Knight fuels the fire between Preston and Ryan by telling Ryan that Preston, in addition to using his toothbrush as a toilet bowl cleaner, also peed on it.To avoid the chaos about to ensure in the house, Sahar takes the girls out to see Theresa Anderson, a local musician and one woman show. After the show Sahar meets Theresa and hits it off with her, perhaps she will get the tutelage she needs after all. The next day, Jemmey's mother, Alice, who affectionately refers to her daughter as 'The Little Slut Puppy,' pays the roommates a visit. Knight, ever the classy gentleman, takes mother and daughter out on Bourbon Street for a romantic horse & carriage ride and, of course, a round of shots. Ryan decides to get back at Preston one final time by calling the cops and explaining The Toothbrush Situation. The cops come to the house and interrupt the criminal Preston, who they find red-handed lying on the couch and reading. All the roommates hold back laughter as the cops ask Preston and Ryan to come down to the police station and give their statements. A heart to heart between mother and daughter reveals that Alice thinks Knight is good for Jemmye and that he can help break down her barriers and begin to trust men again. Meanwhile, on the other side of town Theresa invites Sahar over to jam. With her new found mentor and filled with inspiration, Sahar makes a vow to get on stage before she leaves New Orleans or die trying. With the mounting tension in the house, the roommates decide to give back and volunteer at a local soup kitchen. They go to The New Orleans Mission, where they learn about displaced people affected by Hurricane Katrina. Ryan and Preston bond over their experience and cigarettes as they call a truce. Preston thinks everything between him and Ryan has blown over, but little does he know, that breeze he feels is from Ryan throwing his debit card out the window.

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