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  • Series The Real World
  • Name Fired
  • Sea/Ep S24E09
  • AirDate 25 August 2010

Fired :   Season 24 Episode 9

Aired:   3252 days ago


It's a double serving of weird, when a pet fish dies, Ryan and Knight fry it up and feast. As Ryan goes throughout the house offering the exotic delicacy to the roommates, his eccentric behavior seems to be bothering them more than usual. All he did was cook and eat a dead pet fish! Later that night, the roommates go out for some well-needed party time and we get to meet drunk Ryan, a fun-loving guy who only wants to hit his head into the car window and punch the back of a seat. Back at the house, while he beats his head into the headboard, Ryan confesses to Sahar that he has an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She offers her support to him and things begin to look up for Ryan. That is until we see him creeping around the house in the middle of the night via night vision cameras. The next morning, Ashlee realizes that all her Percocet are missing. After giving one to Ryan, she asks him where he thinks they might be. Ryan gives a shrug and suggests that the former prescription pill junkie, Knight, might have something to do with their disappearance. Amidst rumors flying around the house about who stole the Percocet, Eric decides to perform standup comedy, his subject, the 'Peeing on the Toothbrush Incident.' Too soon. As Sahar watches Eric perform, she begins to feel the stage pulling at the strings of her heart. Sahar invites some local musicians over the house to jam and decides to sing one of their songs at an upcoming open mic night. But after another playful conversation between Sahar and Knight turns heated, she finds herself questioning her singing ability. Knight, surrounded by rumors and once again caught in conflict with Sahar, goes to the sage Loretta of the New Orleans Mission for some advice. Loretta sets him straight and he goes back to the house, once again apologizes to Sahar and they are friends once again... sort of. To satisfy the roommates, but mostly himself, Knight takes a drug test and shows it to Ashlee. It tests negative for everything... too bad drug tests don't test for Percocet. With the drug test out of the way and Knight seeming to be innocent, the roommates' eyes once again fall on Ryan, questioning why he feels he needs to lie and steal. Even Ryan's confidant, Sahar, doesn't know what to make of him. But all that must wait, because it's time for Sahar to get up on stage and prove her singing chops. The soul girl gets onstage with her band, all seems to be going well until there is a lull in the song where there shouldn't be and Sahar realizes she's forgotten the words. When she gets off the stage she's embarrassed, but her knight in shining armor, Eric comes to the rescue and pleases the crowd with some ill-fitting freestyle beats. Back at the house, Ryan continues to isolate himself and the roommates concern for his behavior grows.

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